Handpainted Needlepoint
Anne Thatcher Weissman – dba Anne Cram Designs

Anne started drawing her own coloring books as a child in Chicago. When she was 7 years old, her father gave her lessons at the famed Art Institute of Chicago. Because of her advanced talent, she was placed in the class of 9 to 12 year old children. The artistic ability was agreeable, the social aspect of the older children was not. It was a formidable task to have to paint in an environment with that level of competition. The result was an independent approach to her art.

Throughout her school years, Anne studied art and art history. In high school at Milwaukee Downer Seminary, she studied color and composition with Mary Tudeur. In college in Florida, she studied painting with Hugh McCain and sculpture with Constance Ortmeyer. Always interested in graphic design, she joined the staffs of the schools' year books, doing the layouts and much of the photography. After graduating, she finished off her formal art training at the New York Art Students League with illustrator Frank Reilly. Then it was off to Europe to see the real paintings, cathedrals and castles. After five years of art history, at least she knew what she was looking at.

For the past 35 years, Anne has designed and painted her line of needlepoint canvases and has achieved national recognition. Here she incorporates the Impressionists' color combinations with the realism of illustration, and her knowledge of traditional fine art with graphic design. Her designs number in the thousands. She sells to exclusive stores across the country through sales representatives and the National Needlework Association's National Market Shows.

Anne is a charter member of the Montauk Artists' Association and serves as its treasurer and their Juried Fine Art Shows on the Green Event Director.
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