Handpainted Needlepoint
Why buy HANDPAINTED canvases?
The joy of completing a needlepoint project and the satisfaction of admiring your finished pillow, chair seat, rug or framed picture, depends very much on your designer. Your canvas is made up of horizontal and vertical cotton threads. Where they cross is the point where the stitch is. The paint color must be directly on that point. A line of a color must be on the cross points without sliding into the "gutter", that is the area on each side between the cross points. Because of the space between the canvas threads, the area where the needle passes through, the canvas rarely is perfectly square. Printing machines are perfectly square. The printing machine cannot follow the thread and the color cannot land perfectly on the stitch. Unless your canvas is painted to the stitch by hand, you may find that a vital detail will not have a point to stitch. You may be able to move your stitch over, but you can't make it look quite right. When you buy a canvas you are investing your time. Avoid disappointments and invest your money and your time wisely, in a hand painted canvas that you know will work for you.

Why buy ANNE CRAM' s canvases ?
Why do we think we are one of the best designer/ painters? Our canvases are painted with Windsor-Newton's Alkyd Oil Color. This is a synthetic oil paint that is permanent. It will not flake or run. The colors are as soft as your fibers' colors and are easily matched to the fibers in your needlepoint store. Our canvases are painted carefully. The stitch points are painted so that white does not show through the stitch edges making it difficult to know what color is supposed to go there.

Many of our canvases have been stitched and finished in our studio by family and friends so we know that our customer will have no trouble knowing what color goes where. In some of the Small Motifs, the areas of flowers are painted with dots. This suggests that two or three strands might be used and swung into French or Colonial knots, building volume and creating depth. The areas can also be stitched straight with no loss of effect. Some of our finished work can be found on the Small Motif page. Please enjoy working with our designs, knowing that You have invested in the best.

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